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Loops and Bubbles

Some quick fixes for mini bugs. A superfluous for loop, and some visual tweaks to comment bubbles! … Read More

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Is It A Drive? Is It A Directory? No, It’s…

In this post, we look into why IPlatformFileCreateDirectory() was responsible for nearly 1 million allocations during a full cook of KiteDemo and why FPaths::IsDrive(), a huge 100-line function, is being used just to determine whether a filepath begins with a drive mapping... all for the purpose of further speeding up Unreal's cook process just a little bit more … Read More

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Cache-ing Up, Cache-ing In

As part of modifying the file profiler we looked at the file IO activity on starting the UE4 editor with one of the lightweight sample projects, noticing that certain files were being read multiple times. Each was being read in their entirety up to 200 times simply opening the editor. In this post we show you why this was happening and how it can be fixed … Read More

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The Improvement of the File Profiler

UE4 has a little-known profiler for analysing file operations (with the intention that this information can then be used to make optimisations). In this post we take a look at that - and we make some improvements to make it (even more) useful … Read More

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